3D-Printed Materials and Systems is accepting submissions and will publish its first articles soon.

Aims and scope

3D-Printed Materials and Systems provides a resource to the academic, governmental, industrial, and broader communities on processing, characterization, modeling, and applications of novel materials for 3D printing as well as the systems that are created from these materials by means of 3D printing. The journal will cover the entire field of additive manufacturing, with a particular focus on innovative materials for 3D-printing applications. Original research, commentaries, reviews, and rapid communications will be considered on the following broad topics:

  • Development and use of various types of novel materials, including nanoscale materials, environmentally benign materials, structural materials (e.g., polymeric materials and hybrid materials), and functional materials, in 3D printing
  • The structural and functional properties (e.g., biomedical, electronic, optical, and magnetic properties) of 3D printed materials
  • Development of novel 3D printing processes
  • Integration of 3D printed materials into devices and other multicomponent systems
    Simultaneous or nearly simultaneous processing of multiple 3D printed materials within multicomponent systems
  • Use of 3D printed materials for aerospace, automotive, environmental, electronic, energy, medical, and dental applications (e.g., application-specific testing)
  • The environmental and toxicological impacts of 3D printing processes and of 3D printed materials
  • Minimization of waste generation associated with 3D printing processes (e.g., powder bed fusion and photopolymerization processes).